Instagram Growth Giveaway Package
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Instagram Growth Giveaway Package

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Up to thousands of new followers by sharing only one post. Are you ready to grow?

How & Why my Instagram Boost works for everyone

You and numerous pages with a large following will share the photo at the same time on Instagram. Guaranteed overall following within the posting network: 2 Million.

You have the choice to post the photo or not to post the photo.

The description of the photo will include the instructions on how to enter the giveaway. To take part one has to:

  1. Like the photo you posted
  2. Tag a friend in the comments asking to enter under the photo
  3. Head over to, follow the page and follow everyone the page is following.
  4. Comment ‘Done’ on the photo you posted – once they completed steps 1,2,3

The above steps will boost your profile organically as a large number of people will click on your page and follow you to enter the giveaway. You will be part of that small number of people our hosting page ( will follow, therefore you will be followed by everyone who enters the giveaway.

The items will be provided and shipped out by us.

The post has to stay up for 72 hours, the length of the giveaway.

You have to post a story every day (3 total) letting your followers know about the giveaway and asking them to enter.

Once a winner is chosen randomly (video of random choosing process will be posted to show fairness), our company will send out the products to the winner. 

After your payment we will get in touch with you to sort out and plan the post.


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